Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B Amplifier
Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B Amplifier
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Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B
Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B combines leading edge electronics design and a wealth of features

Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B Amplifier

For multiple modes of whole-cell voltage-clamp and high-speed current clamp recordings

A microelectrode amplifier that combines leading edge electronics design and a wealth of features and functions, with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation of complex protocols.

For single-channel recordings, whole-cell voltage- and current-clamp recordings, intracellular sharp electrode recordings, extracellular field potential recordings in ion channel, neuroscience, nanopore and voltammetry studies.

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Product benefits

Support of up to four headstages

The MultiClamp 700B supports up to two primary CV-7B headstages and two optional auxiliary headstages (HS-2 or VG-2 type) enabling multi-channel recording for cellular network studies.

Software control of all amplifier settings

Software control streamlines setup, and enables automation of parameters, telegraphing, and advanced protocols.

Fast, reproducible application switching

Quick Select Feature recalls up to three saved amplifier configurations.

Easy monitoring of membrane and cell health parameters

Integrated seal test in voltage and current-clamp mode.

Dual Command Potential

Add flexibility by processing input signals from two different sources.

Fine tunable

Fine tunable 4-pole bessel and butterworth low-pass filters act as anti-aliasing filters and can be used to pre-condition the output signal.


Selectable command sensitivity for flexible control of the output waveform.

Automatic correction

Leak subtraction for automatic correction of leak currents with a smart, software-based algorithm.

Selectable output gain

Selectable output gain with 11 settings to scale the output signal to the desired level.

Audio monitor

Audio monitor for acoustic tracking of the signal while you are busy looking down a microscope.

Works with any data acquisition system

Integrates with most data acquisition programs. The pCLAMP™ 11 Software and DigiData® 1550B system for data acquisition and analysis provide optimal performance.

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