The first integrated solution for patching in cultured cells - The PatchScope Pro

The first integrated solution for patching cultured cells - The PatchScope Pro

Scientifica continue to develop their globally recognised portfolio with the PatchScope Pro range – These are fully integrated electrophysiology rigs built for patching in single cells, cultures or cell monolayers. Scientifica’s Managing Director, Matt Kemp said “As a team, we are very proud of what we have achieved and are grateful to our customers for being key partners in the development of the PatchScope Pro.”

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In a single purchase, you will have a complete solution for electrophysiology recordings in single cells – where all components will integrate flawlessly. A user-friendly design means that the system is easy to set up and quick to master. Your complete focus can be on acquiring that precious data.

One of the many advantages of the PatchScope Pro Systems is that they incorporate the world-renowned PatchStar manipulators. Their extreme stability and ultra-low noise enable you to record even the tiniest signals and obtain data from long-term experiments.

Thanks to the automated technology you can ensure experimental stability, by smoothly switching between objectives and changing the fluorescence illumination, without having the touch the microscope.

Matt Kemp commented “The fact that the PatchScope Pro range are hands-free automated systems enables you to concentrate on reliably acquiring data – the motorisation and automation means you are safe from accidental knocks and bumps associated with traditional manual patch rigs”

With three versatile packages available, flexibility to configure the system to your unique experimental needs, and our international team to support you - you can be sure that the PatchScope Pro Systems will work for you and your research.

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PatchScope Pro Systems
PatchScope Pro Range - The perfect patch clamp rigs for cultured cell electrophysiology.

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