Scientifica's new Managing Director - Matt Kemp

Scientifica's new Managing Director - Matt Kemp

Scientifica is delighted to announce Matt Kemp as the new Managing Director. Matt joined Scientifica in 2000 and worked most recently as Sales and Marketing Director. He will be taking over from David Barnbrook, who is retiring.

Matt said: “I am very excited to have the opportunity to represent Scientifica as Managing Director.

“I have worked for Scientifica since 2000, when there were just four people working in one room. Throughout my career I have been part of the company’s growth, helping Scientifica become the global business it is today. Other than a career break where I worked as a private consultant (between 2015 and mid 2017), I have worked mainly in the UK and North America visiting customers and understanding needs, as well as meeting and working with some great people.”

Matt has always been interested in the exciting research that is done by our customers and how the technology we provide and develop can help with that work. 

He went on to say: “My vision for the future is to further develop Scientifica through training, development and recruitment of the team to increase the expertise across the company. We will continue to develop and deliver top quality products, leading customer service and support through collaborations with our customers and partners.

“I am proud to continue to be part of Scientifica. I am very excited about the future and grateful for the support and inspiration that our customers have given us throughout the years”.

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