Create more space with our new, miniature in vivo manipulators

The HyperScope multiphoton imaging system now has advanced imaging capabilities; the introduction of an extended wavelength lens set means you can image deeper and through thin scattering layers in in vivo samples. Learn more here.

Create more space with our new, miniature in vivo manipulators

Scientifica are excited to announce the launch of two new micromanipulators for advanced in vivo research. These motorised manipulators replace the need for manually controlled motion, minimising tissue damage and increasing positioning accuracy.

The IVM Mini Single and IVM Mini Triple are compact versions of Scientifica's classic in vivo manipulators, with one and three axes respectively. Their reduced size and 20 mm travel gives extra room for the addition of other instruments and easy positioning when space is limited.

The super-smooth motion (20 nm electrical resolution) and long-term stability (1 µm drift over 2 hours) make these products an excellent choice for the most demanding in vivo applications. These high quality, precision-made manipulators are excellent tools for electrophysiology, microinjection, and viral and dye injection. Optional brackets enable them to be mounted on a wide range of stereotaxic frames and the IVM Mini Triple can also be attached directly to your antivibration table.

Both manipulators can be controlled directly through our LinLab 2 software. LinLab 2 is able to integrate all of Scientifica's motorised products and offers a number of benefits including the unique "creeper" function. This allows you to reposition your probe to a desired location at a chosen speed thereby minimising tissue damage.

The IVM Mini Triple can also be operated with most of Scientifica's well-established controllers including the PatchPad Display. This flat-panel control option has three wheels for moving the manipulator in the X, Y and Z axes. It also features a touchscreen display that removes the need to reference your PC for positional information.

Other features of our controllers allow push and hold movement, speed adjustment and setting/recalling memory positions.

An additional rotational axis on the IVM Mini Triple allows the user to approach the sample at a defined angle (within 120°). This increases flexibility for studying different brain regions and can be read out in LinLab for improved repeatability.

Scientifica IVM Mini Triple

A triple axis motorised manipulator for demanding in vivo applications, particularly where space is limited. Mount the IVM Mini Triple directly to your antivibration table or to a wide range of mounting frames.


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