Introducing Scienkitica: Because who doesn’t love kittens? (April Fools' Joke)

Introducing Scienkitica: Because who doesn’t love kittens? (April Fools' Joke)

After providing neuroscience research solutions for more than 20 years, we wanted to go one step further and help ease the stress of researchers.

From extensive market research and environmental scanning, it was clear that changing our branding was the best starting point.

Market research surveys, interviews and behavioural analysis enabled us to better understand what enhances researchers’ moods and encourages them to relax and de-stress after a long day in the lab. We found that imagery of kittens helps improve mood and increase productivity, with 80% of people saying that kittens relieve stress.

Following these findings, our flexible and passionate team worked hard to create Scienkitica; a unique brand name and logo that will create positive imagery, helping researchers feel more relaxed and upbeat.

“We feel that this small tweak to our company name and branding will have a meow-sively positive impact.”

Dr. Michael Bale, Grafurcal Designer.

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