Eliminate 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise: New eBook from Molecular Devices

Eliminate 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise: New eBook from Molecular Devices

Overcoming electrical noise, especially 50 and 60 Hz line frequency noises and their associated high frequency harmonics, is a major challenge in most electrophysiological laboratories.  Electrical noise contamination, usually the product of the alternating current of the electrical grid, can distort the shape of acquired biological signals, if not overwhelm them altogether, ultimately resulting in low quality, unreliable data. Eliminating this electrical noise is therefore a critical yet challenging task for many electrophysiologists.

In this eBook from Molecular Devices, electrophysiology expert Dr. Jeffrey Tang, Global Axon Electrophysiology Application Scientist details various methods for overcoming electrical noise. Perhaps the most simple solution is to go through the entire system and locate the sources of electrical noise. Once this is done, the source can either be removed, or more usually shielded. However, this is generally not fully effective and can be a long, time-consuming process – you will often be unpleasantly surprised by how many potential sources of electrical noise there are nearby! Another option evaluated in the eBook is to use notch or offline filtering methods to remove the line frequency noise – but these are often unable to eliminate the noise caused by high frequency harmonics, and sometimes distort the biological signal itself.

An alternative and more reliable solution for removing this noise is the Molecular Devices Axon Digidata 1550B series Low Noise Data Acquisition System. This digitiser can be equipped with the HumSilencer feature, which learns, adapts to and removes electrical noise within one second, resulting in a cleaner, more reliable dataset.

Download the eBook to read more about the challenges outlined above as well as the HumSilencer technology and its use across a range of electrophysiological applications. This eBook also presents data demonstrating that the HumSilencer technology does not distort or filter the signal of interest.

For more information, or to discuss your electrophysiological requirements, please contact the team at Scientifica.

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