Now available: New edition of the Axon Guide

Now available: New edition of the Axon Guide

Molecular Devices have updated their famous, free Axon Guide, which is now in its fourth edition.

Designed to be useful for both the novice and the expert electrophysiologist, the Axon Guide covers a broad range of topics, ranging from the biological basis of bioelectricity and a description of a typical electrophysiological setup, to advice on performing more advanced techniques, approaches for electrical noise reduction, and exploration of data analysis. 

This invaluable resource is already used by electrophysiologists all over the world, and the Fourth Edition has been brought up to date and edited by Dr Jeffrey Tang, Senior Application Scientist at Molecular Devices.

Topics covered in the Guide include:

  • Introduction to bioelectricity
  • The laboratory setup
  • Instrumentation needed for single-cell, multiple-cell and intracellular recording, as well as single channel patch-clamping
  • Advanced methods, including recording from brain slices and Xenopus oocytes
  • Signal conditioning
  • Data analysis

The Axon Guide can be downloaded for free from the Molecular Devices website here.

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