Scientifica HoloStim-3D | SLM Module for Multiphoton Photostimulation
Scientifica HoloStim-3D
Scientifica HoloStim-3D
Scientifica HoloStim-3D
Scientifica HoloStim-3D

Scientifica HoloStim-3D

Interrogate larger neural networks at higher resolution than ever before, with the world's highest performing multiphoton all-optical solution.

The HoloStim-3D seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope and VistaScope award-winning multiphoton imaging systems, to create an industry-leading spatial light modulator (SLM) system for all-optical interrogation of neural networks with previously unachievable performance.

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Product benefits

Selective and accurate targeting

The industry-leading resolution of the Holostim-3D allows cell bodies and subcellular structures to be specifically targeted with minimal off-target activation. This gives you cleaner, more accurate data across multiple layers of cells.

Analyse larger neuronal networks

Target a greater number of cells in larger brain regions to better understand the function of neuronal networks. The large field-of-view of the HoloStim-3D also allows you to use a higher magnification and resolution objective and still achieve the required field of view.

Freely combine different imaging and stimulation wavelengths

Being able to excite or image target cells expressing different opsins or fluorescent proteins increases your experimental flexibility.

Perform simultaneous two-photon imaging and photostimulation

Activate and image hundreds of individual cells simultaneously to interrogate neuronal circuits and identify the role of neural subtypes in brain circuits and behaviours.

Deeper imaging and stimulation

Specifically target cells and subcellular structures in layer 4 and beyond, achieving high-quality images.

Mimic neuronal firing

You can quickly switch stimulation patterns to better mimic neuronal firing, recreating the natural dynamics within a neural network.

High laser transmission

Minimise sample bleaching and optical damage by activating the same number of cells with a lower power laser.

User-friendly design

The modular design means the HoloStim-3D is seamlessly integrated with the Scientifica HyperScope, a proven multiphoton imaging system, so you can easily upgrade to SLM capabilities and start generating high-quality data faster.

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Mouse layer ii/iii neurons expressing GCaMP6s (calcium indicator) and C1V1 (red-shifted channelrhodopsin) are simultaneously stimulated using the HoloStim-3D, while their calcium responses are imaged using resonance two-photon imaging on the HyperScope. In the total 100 cells were stimulated at 6 nJ per cell, using a spiral pattern. Data acquired by Kelly Sakaki (Scientifica), Robert Lees and Adam Packer (both University of Oxford).

Investigate neuronal circuits with 3D precision

The HoloStim-3D enables you to perform more complex photostimulation experiments, with higher throughput than those that are possible with random-access two-photon or widefield photostimulation.

Discover the roles of neuronal subtypes and brain circuits by simultaneously targeting multiple cells with cellular resolution.

Observe and record comprehensive network activity by combining precise cell stimulation and imaging with the HoloStim-3D.

By selectively photostimulating only the target cells and rapidly switching between stimulation patterns, you can better understand neuronal interactions in networks.


Adopting SLM technology is made easier with full integration of globally-recognised ScanImage software, saving you time so you can start experimenting faster.

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