Beam Conditioning Unit
Beam Conditioning Unit
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The BCU empower superior multiphoton imaging by optimising the laser beam
The BCU empower superior multiphoton imaging by optimising the laser beam

Beam Conditioning Unit

Empower superior multiphoton imaging by optimising the laser beam.

The Beam Conditioning Unit (BCU) optimises the laser beam, and enables fast intensity control in your optical path between the laser and your multiphoton microscope, all in one stable compact box.

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Product benefits

Simpler launch optics

The straight out the box launch optics solution means that the laser beam conditioning is taken care of, so you can focus on the imaging.

Compact design

The BCU shortens your table launch path, allowing for more room on your table to grow your experiments within the same set-up area.

Stable laser alignment

Increases your experimental efficiency and takes away the stress of dealing with misalignment.

Fast modulation of laser power

Immediate and easy control of the laser power means you can optimise your experiment and protect your samples.

Easy Integration

The BCU can be integrated with any multiphoton system, giving you the freedom to use it with existing equipment in the lab, saving costs.

Compensate the GDD of multiphoton microscopes

The BCU+ is able to achieve higher signal at lower average laser powers, improving data and protecting the sample.

Standalone acousto-optical modulator module

The BCU series is the first commercially available standalone acousto-optical modulator module (AOM), designed for power control of ultrafast lasers. The BCU and BCU+ can be positioned after a laser is split between microscopes, so the AOM can be used without interfering with the power to a second system.

The BCU optimises the laser beam

The BCU and the BCU +

Choose the beam conditioning unit that fits your experimental needs

The BCU empower superior multiphoton imaging by optimising the laser beam. It includes a pre-aligned and calibrated AOM, space for mounting the beam expander in the box, and a means of mounting a fast photodiode for measuring the power.

The BCU+ is built for working with advanced microscopes with high GDD, such as the VistaScope. It includes all the functionality of the BCU, plus a prism prechirper designed to cover the GDD precompensation range required by modern microscopes. The result is brighter images for a given average laser powers - improving data while protecting the sample.

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