Woods Hole Summer Discovery Courses

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The MBL offers a wide range of scientific courses, workshops, conferences, and internships throughout the year. Central to the MBL’s identity are its advanced, discovery-based courses for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. In these courses students learn from internationally renowned scientists and are immersed in the laboratory, learning cutting-edge techniques while investigating contemporary research problems.

Discovery Courses are intense, full immersion courses for pre- and postdoctoral trainees who seek advanced, hands-on training in the disciplines of embryology, cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, microbiology, neural systems and behaviour, reproductive biology, and parasitology. The courses run for six to eight weeks each summer. They are called “Discovery” courses because much of the laboratory work focuses on pioneering research in the field.


Date: 2020

Website: Marine Biological Laboratory 

Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Summer Courses

Grass Foundation

Date: May 25 -  August 29 2020

Scientifica equipment: PatchStar micromanipulator

The 14-week Grass Fellowship Program provides early-career investigators with an unparalleled opportunity to develop and conduct independent neuroscience research projects within the vibrant scientific community of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole. Fellows function as both an intellectual and social group during their stay and routinely interact with prominent scientists to build a support network of peers and researchers in their field.

Neural Systems and Behaviour

Date: May 30 - July 26 2020

Scientifica equipment: 2 x SliceScope Pro 6000

The Neural Systems and Behavior (NS&B) Course is the premier discovery-driven training opportunity for the next generation of neuroethologists and systems neuroscientists. It is an 8 week intensive lecture and laboratory course held at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA, every summer.

Neurobiology: Mechanisms & Advanced Approaches

Date: June 9 – August 1 2020

Scientifica equipment: SliceScope Pro 6000

The Neurobiology course teaches concepts and methodology at the forefront of modern cellular and molecular neuroscience. The advanced technologies and equipment that are assembled each year are truly remarkable. In addition to teaching fundamental concepts and technical skills, participants and faculty pursue cutting-edge research that is designed and implemented within the course. By carrying out real research projects, participants are empowered to formulate rigorous experiments, to address scientific questions that push the boundaries of modern neuroscience, and to build an international network of peers and colleagues. To our knowledge, no other training program offers a similarly intense, comprehensive, and cutting-edge educational experience in cellular and molecular neuroscience.

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