Postdoc Positions at Washington University in St. Louis

The Positions

The Creed Lab at Washington University in St. Louis seeks postdoctoral research associates for funded positions. The goal of the lab is to determine synaptic and circuit plasticity underlying negative affect in chronic pain, mood and substance use disorders, and to use this insight to develop novel neuromodulation therapies for these disorders. To this end, we use in vivo and patch clamp electrophysiology combined with optogenetic manipulations and in vivo biosensors, behavioral assays and molecular biology techniques. 

The Candidates

Candidates should have a PhD in neuroscience, biology, pharmacology, biomedical engineering or a related discipline. The successful candidate will lead a project focusing on opioid-dependent plasticity in circuits linking descending pain modulation pathways with the basal ganglia. The goal is to elucidate synaptic mechanisms driving cognitive and affective symptoms of chronic pain. The projects will integrate a variety of experimental techniques including 1) patch clamp, 2) in vivo electrophysiology and 3) behavioral pharmacology, all combined with optogenetic and deep brain stimulation manipulations. No prior electrophysiology experience is required, but must have a strong desire to learn. We are housed in the Washington University Pain Center in the department of Anesthesiology, and candidates will benefit from a supportive and intellectually stimulating training environment (  

Washington University in St. Louis consistently ranks in the top 10 Universities for Neuroscience in the country, and offers outstanding opportunities, low cost of living and a dynamic community for post-doctoral fellows. 

How to Apply

To be considered, applicants should submit the following to Dr. Creed ([email protected]): 

1. CV 

2. Statement of research interests and career goals 

3. Contact information for three references

Please mention that you found this job on the Scientifica website when applying.