Postdoc Position at Ohio State University

The HoloStim-3D seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope, an award-winning multiphoton imaging system, to create an industry-leading spatial light modulator (SLM) system for all-optical interrogation of neural networks with previously unachievable performance.

Position: Postdoctoral Scholar to study enteric glia in GI disorders

The Position

Ohio State University is looking for a highly motivated, energetic neuroscientist to join a team of basic and clinical investigators in the Department of Anesthesiology as Postdoctoral Scholar or Research Scientist.

The post-holder will conduct basic and translational NIH-funded research through NIDDK, into enteric glial pathogenic mechanisms of postoperative ileus, gastrointestinal dysfunction and GI disorders; specific targets of investigation are reactive enteric glial phenotypes, mechanosensation, ET-1/EDNRB signaling, gliotransmission, purinergic mechanisms, and glial neuroinflammation.

The candidate will be expected to work independently following the direction of the PI to conduct cutting edge research in enteric neuropathies utilizing a variety of complimentary neurophysiological techniques and approaches in human surgical specimens, isolated networks of human enteric ganglia, hEGC in culture, glial Ca2+reporter mice, glial knockout mice, and mouse models of gut surgical manipulation for postoperative ileus.

The Lab

We have strong collaborations with clinicians and scientists at other institutions.

We recently succeeded in developing a ‘first in man’ routine patch clamp recordings from neurons and glia in isolated intact neural networks of myenteric ganglia’ from human surgical specimens in healthy or diseased segments – 3-D imaging of cells provides unequivocal identification of the cell phenotype; this is being developed as a novel model of the human ‘little brain’ to study enteric neuropathies; Patch-seq and biopsy neural network studies are future directions.

The Candidate

A PhD degree is required in Neuroscience, Biology, Physiology or a related field.

Preference will be given to applicants with:

  • A publication record in peer-reviewed journals in patch clamp recordings from neurons or glial cells
  • Expertise and interest in neurobiology of disease
  • Expertise in calcium neuroimaging techniques and Patch-seq analysis would be highly beneficial
  • Some experience with translational research and clinical studies is desirable, but not essential.

A competitive salary is offered commensurate with the level of postdoctoral experience; there is also the possibility to hire someone as a Research Scientist for a minimum of 3 years, if the candidate is further advanced in their career as an independent investigator, provided they meet the criteria for appointment to the position. NIH funding for the position is available immediately.

How to Apply

Candidates can send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and research references to the attention of Dr. Christofi at:

[email protected]

Fievos L. Christofi, Ph.D.,

AGAF Professor & Vice Chair of Research,

Department of Anesthesiology,

Professor of Physiology & Cell Biology

Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University,

216 Tzagournis Medical Research Facility,

420 W 12th Ave,

Columbus, OH, U.S.A.


Basic Science Editor,

Neurogastroenterology & Motility Treasurer,

ANMS Society & Institute

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