PhD Position at the University of Sheffield

Simultaneously image and photostimulate hundreds of individual cells in 3D, with precise targeting of cells across large areas of the brain. Introducing the HoloStim-3D.

Job title: PhD studentship

Institute: University of Sheffield

Location: Sheffield, UK

Start Date: 1st October 2021

Duration: 3 years

The Position

Understanding progressive changes in cochlear non-sensory cells: implications for age-related hearing loss.

This project is ideal for a PhD student because it will involve a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques present in the laboratories of the PIs, ranging from electrophysiology to 2-photon imaging, immunostaining to qPCR, together with training in in vivo physiology and mouse transgenics. In addition, the student will be exposed to one of the most topical research areas in biology (ageing), with the potential to improve the foundation for the future development of therapeutic intervention for people. The PhD student will learn how to interpret and write scientific papers, prepare poster and oral presentations of the work and deliver them to a scientific audience and to the general public via our outreach activities.

The student will be supported by two world-leading PIs in neuroscience: Marcotti (University of Sheffield) and Jagger (UCL).

How to Apply

Apply via the following link:

Contact Prof Marcotti via [email protected] for more information.

Please mention that you saw this vacancy on Scientifica's website when applying.

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