PhD Position at Brighton and Sussex Medical School

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Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Supervisors: Snezana Levic, Andrei Lukashkin, Ian Russell

Salary: According to University  rates for PhD students, plus travel funds for international scientific meetings

Application deadline: 31st August 2019

Interviews: Early September 2019

Position start date: October 2019

The Project

The main objective of this proposal is to discover the function of newly discovered receptor in the mature and developing auditory system in health and disease, using mouse models. 

This project is extremely important and timely, as it will elucidate the function of a novel calcium signalling pathway within the auditory inner ear, where calcium signalling already has an unprecedented role in normal hearing. Most importantly, it will provide novel treatment possibilities for the majority of hearing disorders, which are associated with altered Ca2+ homeostasis.

By combining shared resources that different groups can offer, the graduate student will have ample opportunities to learn various experimental techniques, as well as to learn from and network with other investigators within UK and Internationally.


Patch-clamp/voltage-clamp recording, fluorescent calcium recording, immunofluorescence staining. 

Other possibilities depending on students interests and the directions that the project develops.

The Candidate

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, hard working and a curiosity-driven science lover who is willing to overcome challenges. Experience in patch-clamp electrophysiology is beneficial.  


  • Lukashkina VA, Levic S, Lukashkin AN, Strenzke N, Russell IJ, A Connexin30 mutation rescues hearing and reveals roles for gap-junctions in cochlear amplification and micromechanics, Nature Communications  2017; Feb 21;8:14530: 1-9
  • Asai Y, Pan B, Nist-Lund C, Galvin A, Lukashkin AN, Lukashkina VA, Chen T, Zhou W, Zhu H, Russell IJ, Holt JR, Géléoc GSG. Transgenic Tmc2 expression preserves inner ear hair cells and vestibular function in mice lacking Tmc1. Sci  Rep. 2018 Aug 14;8(1):12124
  • Levic S., Nie L., Tuteja D., Harvey M., Sokolowski B.H., Yamoah E.N. Development and regeneration of hair cells share common functional features. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2007 104(48):19108-13.

How to Apply

Applicants for this 3-year funded PhD starting in October 2019 should possess or expect to be awarded a minimum of a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in Neuroscience, Engineering, Life Science degree or a relevant biomedical related subject. Deadline for applications is 31st August 2019, with interviews taking place in early September.

Informal enquiries should be directed to Dr Snezana Levic ([email protected]).

In order to apply please visit University of Brighton website

Please contact the BSMS Doctoral and Research Officer ([email protected]) if you have any queries.

Please mention that you found this job on the Scientifica website when applying.

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