Keep on experimenting with the Scientifica Exchange Programme

Keep on experimenting with the Scientifica Exchange Programme

The Scientifica Exchange Programme is designed to keep costs down and minimise disruption in the laboratory.

Available for most* Scientifica products, this service gives you a convenient method for swapping your faulty equipment over for working instruments quickly, to keep you working even if something goes wrong.

In the event that a Scientifica product needs repairing or servicing then the faulty equipment may be exchanged for the same type of equipment from Scientifica’s service stock.

To ensure the service is fast and cost effective we will ship you the replacement part as soon as we can, depending on if we have the item in stock and all the necessary details about the fault from you.

You can return the faulty item to us in the same packaging in which the replacement equipment was delivered. We will also include a return address label and shipping details so you can easily get the non-working instrument back to us.

Our service department will assess if the fault is covered by a warranty, which is included for two years from the date of delivery as standard with all Scientifica products. If it is covered then you can keep the service item that was shipped to you and we will fix the problem with the broken instrument before returning it to our service stock for further customers using the Exchange Programme.

If the repair is not covered by a warranty, then we will set up an order to arrange the repair cost, but you can still keep the equipment already shipped to you.

All repairs carried out by the Scientifica service department are guaranteed for six months from the date of repair, in addition all Scientifica exchange equipment (service stock) comes with a six-month warranty.

​We have received many testimonials to support the success of this program:

“Very pleased with the service and appreciated how easy and fast it was to get a replacement control cube. Particularly like the fact that the pick-up of broken control cube was organised by Scientifica and used the same packaging as the replacement was delivered in - saved me having to hunt around for a suitable box.”

“I always get great response and service from Scientifica. I would be happy to recommend the company anytime.”

Prompt, polite, knowledgeable, head and shoulders above the competition.”

“You're awesome!”

For full terms and conditions of the Scientifica Exchange Program please contact us

*Not available on Scientifica motorised stages and platforms.


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