Introducing the LASU optogenetic and uncaging system

Introducing the LASU optogenetic and uncaging system

Optogenetics and uncaging are increasingly powerful tools for the detailed study of synaptic responses and neuronal network connections.

Scientifica are proud to present the brand-new LASU system, designed specifically for combining electrophysiology, optogenetics and uncaging. Developed in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam.

This cutting-edge equipment also allows for the introduction of other photostimulation techniques to your laboratory providing a cost-effective solution.

It provides fast laser positioning onto your sample, easy to use software, and the ability to carry out uncaging & photostimulation.

Thanks to the modular nature of our equipment, LASU can easily be upgraded to include two-photon microscopy at a later date, unlocking additional research opportunities within one system.

The full LASU system contains all the equipment required to begin your experiments. Including the microscope, laser and coupling optics. More than one laser unit can be combined, allowing you to use many wavelengths, depending on your research requirements. Both free-space and fibre launched lasers are available.

As with all Scientifica products, the LASU system has been designed to be future-proof and compact, making sure you are making the most of your space and initial investment.

Scientifica LASU System

Developed with VU University Amsterdam, the LASU (Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging) system is ideal for researchers engaging in optogenetics, uncaging or other photostimulation experiments.

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