My journey at Scientifica; Carole Barker, Administration Team Leader

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My journey at Scientifica: Carole Barker, Administration Team Leader

Here, Carole shares how she has progressed from her Trip Booker role to Administration Team Leader, and what she likes most about working at Scientifica.

What was your first role at Scientifica and when did you start?

I started working at Scientifica in 2012 as a support Trip Booker to the North America Sales Team.

How have you progressed?

A while into my time here, a role was created for me as a support for the EMEIA team. Following this, due to team changes, I was promoted to the role of Admin Team Leader.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I have not actually had an intended career path from the start of my working life 35 years ago and have therefore been very lucky with how my career has progressed. Currently I very much enjoy my role and have no intention to give it up or to leave Scientifica.

What do you like about working at Scientifica?

The flexible working hours and being able to condense mine into a 4 day week. The friendly environment and the feeling that the whole company is working together, rather than separate departments that do not communicate, which I have experienced elsewhere.

What is your greatest achievement/proudest moment?

Being given roles based on the skills that people recognise I have, and roles being created for me that encompass these. I am proud that the admin team has overcome many issues over the last couple of years to get to where it is today and my involvement in this.


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