Scientifica Turkey Distributor - Spektralab Ltd

The HoloStim-3D seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope, an award-winning multiphoton imaging system, to create an industry-leading spatial light modulator (SLM) system for all-optical interrogation of neural networks with previously unachievable performance.

Established in 1994, SpektraLab Ltd specialise in providing a wide variety of high-tech laboratory equipment to public and private research institutions across Turkey. Their primary customers are universities but they also have regular contact with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and biotech labs.

They excel at meeting their customers' expectations at a fast pace without compromising on quality. SpektraLab's headquarters are in Ankara and they also have regional offices in Adana and Izmir.

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Kuleli street 57/6 GOP / Ankara

Tel: +90 (312) 447 77 09 (Pbx)

Fax: +90 (312) 447 42 74

Email: [email protected]

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