BNA2019: Festival of Neuroscience

Registration is still open for the UK DRI Synapse Symposium: Physiology & Pathophysiology in Synapse. Spaces are filling up and speakers have been confirmed. If you are interested in attending, register here!

In April 2019, at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), the British Neuroscience Association will host its fourth Festival of Neuroscience.

The first Festival (BNA2013, London) set the template for a completely novel forum, where other organisations with an interest in brain research were invited to join the BNA to create a cross-disciplinary and celebratory neuroscience event, bringing together fundamental research with clinical expertise and public engagement as well. Subsequent Festivals (BNA2015 in Edinburgh; BNA2017 in Birmingham) confirmed the success and popularity of this innovation; each one has attracted 1150-1500 delegates, a remarkable thirty partner organisations have taken part to date, and each has created a genuinely diverse and stimulating mix of neuroscientific interests.

In 2019 we are excited to be venturing outside the UK for the first time by holding the festival in the Republic of Ireland. We will be working closely with NI and BSN for BNA2019, as well as 19 partner societies. 


Date: 14 - 17 April 2019

Location: Dublin, Ireland 


Booth no.

Scientifica's booth number is: 40

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