Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience

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About the course:

The Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience (ACAN) is an intensive three-week course that teaches the theory and practice of electrophysiological recording and optical imaging techniques. Our Australasian and International faculty will guide each participant in the latest research methods in cellular and systems neuroscience. During the course, each participant will become proficient in patch-clamp recording, calcium imaging, optogenetics, and many other techniques through unbridled access to state-of-the-art equipment. Thanks to the generous support of The Finkel Foundation, ACAN 2019 will feature a dedicated 2-photon imaging / electrophysiology setup, which will complement an array of in vitro and in vivo recording techniques.

Scientifica Support:

Scientifica Galvo Multiphoton System will be used throughout the course. 

Course Content:

  • Theoretical basis of neuronal function, and neural network operations
  • Principles of electrophysiological and optical recording
  • Principles of optogenetics and optical neurophysiology
  • New techniques in neuroscience
  • Learn patch-clamp recording in vitro and in vivo
  • Learn to image the activity of single neurons and networks
  • Learn how to control neurons with optogenetic approaches


Date: 3rd - 23rd May 2020


Location: University of Queensland's Moreton Bay Research Station (MBRS) situated on North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane

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