Aurox Conference on Microscopy

Introducing the revolutionary Scientifica VistaScope. The true premier solution for multiphoton imaging, with the largest-in-class field of view, allowing you to see more cells, more clearly than ever before. Discover more

This online conference organised by Aurox involves lots of exciting talks on a wide range of topics, including multiphoton imaging, correlative microscopy, live cell imaging, neuroscience, organoids, microscope characterisation, AI and more!

Dr. Christian Wilms, R&D Manager at Scientifica, will be presenting during Session 4 on Day 2 of this event:

A modular multiphoton microscopy system

Over the past decades, customization of scientific instruments has come a long way. Rather than having to choose between the two extremes “turn-key one size fits all” vs. “building from basic components”, today researchers are able to configure a turn-key system that ideally fits their specific experimental needs. The Scientifica HyperScope multiphoton microscopy platform is a perfect example of such a “customized off the shelf system”: Consisting of a range of modules that are configured to create a complete system, it is able to grow with experimental needs and funding over the years. In addition, the HyperScope platform includes interfaces to industry standard optomechanical systems to allow it to be used as a proven foundation for implementing novel imaging techniques. These factors, along with the seamless integration with Scientifica’s electrophysiology components, ensure neuroscientists can build the rig they need.

Dates: 18th - 19th May 2021

Location: Online


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