Society for Neuroscience

SfN’s 47th annual meeting, Neuroscience 2017, is the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system. 

Neuroscience 2017 is November 11-15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience.


Date: 11 - 15 November 

Location: Washington, DC

Website: Society for Neuroscience 

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On the booth:

We will be showcasing our top of the range multiphoton system, the HyperScope dual scan head, which allows simultaneous imaging and photostimulation. We will also be exhibiting our electrophysiology and optogenetics equipment.

Here is a list of the other systems that will be featured on out booth this year: 

- Scientifica's LASU system

Developed with VU University Amsterdam, the LASU (Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging) system is ideal for researchers engaging in optogenetics, uncaging or other photostimulation experiments.

There will also be the latest version of the LASU software with new functionality. 

- Scientifica's Microstar system

The ultimate micromanipulator for synaptic connectivity and neuronal network studies. Arrange up to 12 manipulators around your sample for complex electrophysiological studies.

Scientifica's Inverted fixed platform with Inverted Microscope 

The ideal stage for complex electrophysiology studies using an inverted microscope.

Adjustable legs and intelligent design make this platform compatible with many inverted microscopes.

- Scientifica's Slicescope pro 6000

A full electrophysiology system with a static microscope that enables in vitro and in vivo studies, including advanced imaging such as two-photon and confocal. The system consists of a SliceScope, motorised movable base plate and two PatchStar micromanipulators.

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