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Watec WAT-902H range

The WAT-902H range is the newest and lowest light gather monochrome camera offered by Watec. Available in 1/2" and 1/3" CCD format, this newly released design offers more sensitivity and provides the user the ability to apply this camera to nearly any application requiring near IR visibility and full camera control.


  • Effective Pixels: 380k
  • Scanning system: 2:1 Interlace
  • Synchronizing system: Internal
  • Gain Control: AGC HI(5-60dB), LO(5-32dB), MGC(5-60dB)0.000033 Lux @ F0.8B.L.C.: OFF, CENTER, LOWER, CENTER+LOWER
  • Gamma Correction: HI(??0.35), LO(??0.45), OFF(??1.0)S/N
  • Ratio: More than 50dB
  • Shutter Speeds: EI1:1/60 ~ 1/100,000 sec., EI2:1/100 ~ 1/100000 sec., FL:1/100 sec., OFF:1/60 sec., 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/5000, 1/10000, 1/100000 sec.
  • Weight: 98g
  • CCD: 1/2" (902H2 ULTIMATE) or 1/3" (902H3 ULTIMATE)
  • Resolution: 570TVL
  • Power: DC 12V ± 10%


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